Safety First


Who really benefits from a focus on safety? Obviously, our employees do. But our clients do, too. Fewer work-related accidents mean less work interruptions, lower risk of liability and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you operate a safe working environment. There’s a lot of talk about safety in the construction industry as a whole. We offer our employees a strong safety program led by a full-time Director of Safety who partners with a 3rd party safety consultant to ensure the highest level of quality control. We see this focus on safety as part of our obsession with good workmanship in general. Here are some examples of how we incorporate safety awareness and training into our day-to-day operations:

  • New Hire Safety Training combined with criminal background checks prior to placement
  • Project-specific safety plans with drawings
  • Internal site inspections by our Safety Director
  • External site inspections by a third party consultant
  • Retraining, disciplinary procedures
  • No limit on safety program supplies for field crews
  • Daily JHAs and weekly toolbox meetings
  • Monthly safety awards
  • Annual foreman safety awards