Risk Mitigation


Your roof can provide you and your tenants with reliable protection, or it can be your worst nightmare! The time to decide is right now! On the surface, contracts are all about price. Proposals are compared, and the least expensive one wins. This is a simplistic, dangerous practice. Apart from obvious considerations such as quality of work, adherence to budgets and schedules, etc, there are risk considerations that the wary client must take into account.

  1. Worker’s Compensation Liability
    If your contractor chooses to work with independent labor-only subcontractors, you run the risk of being held liable in the event of a worker’s compensation claim.
  2. Illegal or Unqualified Labor
    How do you know that the labor-only contractors and subcontractors working on your project have the right work permits and/or qualifications? On most public projects, you are contractually bound to hire only authorized labor.
  3. Loss of Insurance Protection
    In the event that your contractor was operating in breech of your contract, you run the risk of having insurance claims denied, as well as the possible withdrawal of bonding.
  4. Work Interruption
    Even if you believe you can sue any independent contractors out of compliance with your contract, such small entities will probably not have the resources to defend themselves against your claim, and complete their work. Bankruptcy and abandonment of work is a likely outcome.
  5. Contractors in Financial Trouble
    What happens if your contractor has to go out of business in the middle of your project? What if your contractor’s supplier tries to recover money they owe from you? At BRI, we have solid financial management that ensures we always have funds to cover our obligations—both supplier and employee—with a minimum 75-day financial float. With our current annual revenue plan of 18-20 million dollars, this equates to a $1.2M buffer. Our careful cashflow and accounts management is your guarantee we’ll be around to see your project through to a successful conclusion. Some less serious contractors may owe their suppliers and dump prices to get work to meet their urgent debts. This paying Peter to pay Paul is a red flag to you that their future as a company may be uncertain.

By using only 100% employees, all e-Verified, all insured and trained under our supervision, we reduce or eliminate your risk exposure. If a quoted price seems too good to be true, it probably is.