How Our Industry Wins

The construction industry used to have a reputation as a maverick operation, often using low-cost, undocumented laborers to work on projects on a strictly as-needed basis. This could sometimes give the false impression of saving money.

In a competitive economy, serious construction companies found themselves sometimes competing with these maverick operators as though on a level playing field. Procurement departments sometimes lacked diligence in checking on the legality of contracted labor, on skill and safety levels, etc.

At BRI, we are determined to advocate for a level playing field. We firmly believe that a level playing field, when it comes to awarding contracts, will only lead to better work, fewer accidents and happier tenants and building occupants. It will make the task of selecting a contractor partner easier in the long run.

At BRI, we practice what we preach. That’s why all our workers are employed, fully insured, bonded and trained in safety procedures. That’s why every employee is E-Verified to ensure authorization to work, above and beyond current immigration laws.

The entire commercial construction industry, its tenants and building occupants stand to benefit.

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